Undercover is one of the latest TV series to be added to Amazon Prime. The show is a BBC production co-produced with BBC America. It follows the story of Maya Cobbina played by Sophie Okenedo, a British lawyer who has been fighting for the innocence of a black man on death row in America played by Dennis Haysbert.

Unbeknownst to Maya, she’s married to an undercover detective who apparently has been undercover in their marriage for 20 years. This is a gripping and highly racially tense story and mirrors many of the conflicts between police and the black community in America.

The husband married and fathered three children with Maya while never mentioning that he was an undercover “copper”–to use the British term.

All six episodes of the show were worth watching but here are a couple of questions that came to my mind while watching:

1. In real life, when a spouse is working undercover, do you ever ask to see their paycheck?

2. In real life, you never get the sense that you don’t know the WHOLE TRUTH about your spouse?

3. In real life, is it really believable to marry someone and that person not have not one person with whom they are related.

Now, I’d like to point out, I thoroughly enjoyed this series, but I always ask those kinds of questions.

Let me tell you, if I’m dating someone who has no relatives AT ALL, I can’t date you. You’re probably a serial killer or something.

Anyway, if you have Amazon Prime, give it a look. And, tell me what you think…

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