For the old heads who say they can’t listen to trap music but still want to listen to rap music, for the old heads who want music that feeds the soul without all those preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, you need to listen to Jidenna’s debut album, The Chief.

I first saw Jidenna when was performing ‘Long Live the Chief’ in an episode of Luke Cage. His lyrics were thought provoking, and the melodies were unpredictable-even refreshing. He can rap and sing. No, really. No pretending.

Photo Courtesy Jidenna Instagram

When I first captured a glimpse of this light skinned brother with his full beard wearing his hair cropped close with a part and slicked down, I was like, “Who is he?” His style was undeniable.

His delivery was on point and his presence was like if Nat King Cole could rap, sing AND was light skinned. Whoa!

To be real, I’m a sucker for a dude with some lyrics and he had me at “I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket.” That’s how he explains his preference of dress when all these carbon copies are running around here wearing baggy jeans showing their boxers and their briefs. I was so mesmerized by his performance on Luke Cage that I wanted to stop the episode and just replay his performance a couple of times. I didn’t want to miss any of his lyrics.

Photo Courtesy Jidenna Instagram

I recently purchased his album after spending some time on Twitter and realizing he had been on tour and all of his dates were sold out. I was like, “Yo!!! Where has this guy been?” At 4:30 in the morning, me and iTunes had an appointment with Jidenna.

So, I did some background on him. He’s half Nigerian, half white and all soul.

He graduated from Stanford though he was also accepted to Harvard.

You know I love an intelligent brother! He’s signed to Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Record label. He has a soul sister as a manager, Whippa Wiley. I can just tell she’s dope. She got an afro the size of a small planet.

Photo courtesy Jidenna Instagram

The album has 13 songs and all the songs are worth the listen. The.Whole.Album. My favorite lyrics from the album:

“True friends stab you in the front…” — 2 Points

“I just wanna PayPals like Elon Musk…” —2 Points

Photo Courtesy Jidenna Instagram

“And that lame tryna holla, he a Bond wanna be
He a Roger Moore n*gga, I’m a Sean Connery…” —The Let Out

I could literally spend all day typing up lyrics. But, I won’t do that. This is an awesome debut album. ‘Nuff said. Peace to Jidenna and his team. Well done. Check out his video below.

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