Have you ever said to yourself, “My life sucks…” 

once believed if you worked hard, became successful then life wouldn’t suck. I believed life would be grand the harder you work. But really, neither is true. Life sucks sometimes and life is how you perceive it. Life is how you take your lumps on the chin. Nobody can tell you how to have a suck-free life unless they tell you to accept your disappointments, your challenges and move forward anyway.

Why does this keep happening to me?

“Why does this keep happening to me?,” is a popular question frustrated people ask themselves. I’ve asked myself the same question numerous times.

  1. The same things keep happening to us because we haven’t learned from our mistakes.
  2. The same things keep happening because we refuse to change a pattern of behavior leading us to the same destination.
  3. The same things keep happening to us because no matter how much we complain about a challenge we’re having, we don’t actually resolve to change the behavior.

I’m so guilty of this it’s hard to admit it on this page. And, yet, I confess.

So, to answer this question: When Did Life Start Sucking?

  1. When you can no longer hide from your shortcomings but still don’t have the courage to do anything about them, life sucks for you.
  2. When your challenges begin to affect your relationships negatively, life sucks for you.
  3. When your behavior begins to negatively impact your work, life sucks for you.
  4. When you can no longer look at your life and find a positive way to move forward, life sucks for you.
  5. When you’ve lost your sense of direction and are no longer willing to move beyond your current situation, life sucks for you.

As positive and upbeat as a person as I usually am, life sucks for me right now. There are challenges that I’m facing that I’m unsure of how to move forward. And so, I hesitate. The old quote goes, “He who hesitates is lost.” True dat. I’m in the black forest in a night that never ends. Lost barely describes how I feel on most days. And yet, somewhere deep inside myself I know there is light. Somewhere when I look up into the sky amidst all of its darkness, I believe a shooting star, or a ray of light will come for me.

He who hesitates is lost. 

I used to only write upbeat articles on my blog to empower people, but I realize more than ever that there is empowerment in being vulnerable. There is power in saying, “I fell down and I’m still down.” There is power in admitting human frailties because it links us to the universal source of all power. If you’re a lone wolf oblivious to any hurt or pain, you’re not real, you’re a cartoon character.

I’m sharing how I feel at this moment because truth is important. And maybe there is someone out there who is also in this black forest. And maybe that person doesn’t believe that a shooting star is going to come for them, but I do and so maybe this essay helps them believe. Maybe this essay will help them get up, like it may help me.

Many thanks to author extraordinaire Stephen King for his book, On Writing: A Memoir Of The Craft. His brutal honesty inspired this essay. In his book he wrote about overcoming alcohol and drug addiction while churning out bestsellers. His message is, ‘We all fall short but we must keep going.’

Peace & Love,


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