Hi everyone,

In late 2016, my website got hacked and I got blacklisted or redlisted as the case may be by google. It was nightmare. I couldn’t access my site, my fans couldn’t access it. It was the worse internet experience of my life. As a result I switched hosting companies and I stopped posting for a while because I wanted to get my security to where it needed to be. Thankfully, nine months later, I’m back to normal or as normal as I’ll ever be. But, I have re-emerged with clearer thoughts, more determination and I’m very excited.


So what happened in my time off?

I started an organization that helps people of color in the entertainment industry. It’s called Black TV Film Crew and this is a picture of me and one of our members, Sowande.

I went to Los Cabos with my family. It was one of the most relaxing vacations. And, yet, I wrote every single day of the vacation without even a day off.

I shot a film in Atlanta. It’s called Seeds of Doubt and I think its my best directorial piece so far. I put my heart and soul into it and I cannot wait for everyone to see it.

I met Jay Ellis from Insecure at a party where DJ Jazzy Jeff was deejaying. Issa was there too but she was walking out as I was walking in. Jay is gracious and certainly a tall drink of water! Wow!

I had one of the best salads that I’ve ever had in my life from Sweet Greens. I had the salad that they call Shroomami. It was so good. I cannot explain how good it was except to say if you have $12, its worth every penny.

I tried Afro Puffs for the first time since I was uh… 3.

Anyway, I’ve been busy working and am looking forward to posting on my blog again. Thanks for hanging in there with me.