Every year ambitious folks list their New Year resolutions and by the end of January everything goes up in flames. So, I decided to come up with 5 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for even those with the weakest of constitutions. Here they are:

  1. Start telling yourself that you believe in you. At least once this year, when you get the notion to say you can’t do something, tell yourself, “I can. I can…” This will help to build up your confidence.
  2. Take 5 deep breaths before you go to sleep at night. Who doesn’t close their eyes to get to sleep? Exactly. But now when you go to sleep, just inhale deeply five times. I cannot tell you how good this will make you feel.
  3. Give someone a compliment 1x per month–not every day, not every week. But, let someone know that you have noticed them. This could be a co-worker, the guy at the Korean grocery or the person at the McDonald’s drive through. “Good job,” comes to mind.
  4. Say Thank you in 2018 more than you did in 2017. How many times do we receive gifts, compliments, opportunities and never say thank you? This year let’s say thank you more than we did last year. For some of us that means saying thank you twice. LOL!!!
  5. Say, “Excuse me” in the grocery store, mall, DMV, on the sidewalk, even on the subway. I cannot understand people who stand behind folks and wait for them to move when they need to get by. So, in 2018, let’s not act like folks got eyes in the back of their heads, say “Excuse Me,” when you need to get by…

I think the world needs more love, folks with manners and nice people because we all know, “mean people suck!” So, those are my 5 Achievable Resolutions for 2018. Share your resolutions with me–if you dare!


Peace and Love,


PS. And for my natural hair ladies, that was a six flat twist, twist out. I used mousse and low porosity leave in detangler. Ya girl don’t play!


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