I’ve been natural for at least eight years now. I was interested in going natural after wearing braids a couple of times a year and realizing how much thicker my hair was in between the relaxers. If relaxers were making my hair thin, I didn’t want that. In addition to the relaxers, I had been wearing weaves sew-in and glue in for at least two years.

For all the Indian hair shine the weaves gave me, when I took the weaves out invariably some of my hair came with it. So, to prevent baldness, I stopped with the weaves.

Fast forward eight years later and I’m a naturalista who sometimes DOES NOT have a clue as to what to do with her hair. Well, that’d be a problem if it weren’t for YouTube.

YouTube is, literally, a natural hair tutorial haven.

Every type of hair, every type of hair style is represented on YouTube. You got short hair? They got something for you. You want to learn how to use clip-ins? They got something for you. You can’t braid? They got something for you. You hair won’t curl? They know the product for you. If you wanna try natural hair, befriend YouTube. Just sit and watch.

In this post, I want to introduce you to @Naturally_Curla whose slogan is “Natural Curls for the Natural Girl.”

I found NC on Youtube. She does videos for natural hair lovers and has this bright red hair and an equally bright personality. I was drawn to her because one of her videos mentioned “for fine hair.” Over the years, people have said many things about my hair: it’s thick, it’s fine, its wavy, it’s curly, it’s Native American, etc. But, when I saw NC’s video’s I knew that I’d have a chance because I believe my hair is more fine than anything else.

Because of HER confidence in wearing this Two Afro Puff style and sharing the video, I was able to try it for myself.

And, I have to tell you, I was absolutely surprised. I mean I would have never tried this style on my own, but I thought it looked cute for the day.

So, I want to encourage you to try a new hair style. If you’re a natural like me, please check out @Naturally_Curla ’s YouTube channel and see if she’s done a video that suits you. It’s possible.

And, I would love for you to join my Two Afro Puff challenge by putting a photo of yourself in the comments wearing your Two Afro Puffs. I don’t want to be in this alone.

Check out the video below.

Thanks for reading.


PS. In this video she’s reviewing a product. If you want to fast forward to how she pins up her two puffs, go to the 7:51 mark.